Friday, February 10, 2012

Deeper Sense of Vocation

I think i figured something out. I have been trying to figure out whether I am called to the priesthood or not and all this time its always been a roller coaster. There are some really nice times where the ride is smooth and some times where its a bit rough but overall, something has seemed to keep me here. Being at the seminary also helps me to look interiorly and I ask myself those tough questions that reveal who i am at a deeper level. I finally realized that who I am as a man should not change. I find women attractive, I wouldn't mind having kids, I see the idea of a family as a beautiful thing. Let me slow down and say that i am not thinking of leaving the seminary at this point and here's why: I love God and so far, i have discerned that God wants me here. I feel that God has called me to the priesthood. So just because I feel called doesn't mean that one day, these urges will go away. In fact, they probably wont EVER go away. After all, I am a man, so why should they? Its in my human nature to want these other things but there's a reason why i don't. Knowing who I am and who God is calling me to be (at the very least, he's calling me to holiness) has really helped. Now if I could get get a hold of my self discipline :)


  1. Bro,
    you're right, they will never go away, ever it helps you be a better priest (I think). We talked about all this in formation today, after four years you think I would have it down. Besides, the Holy Father says a man who doesn't want to be a human father shouldn't be a spiritual father. Alex

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