Wednesday, February 1, 2012

9/28/11 Year Two: getting back into the swing of things

HEY EVERYONE! its been a minute since I've written any of these journals. So much to talk about but i know the time is limited to my own attention span and homework load. I hope this email finds everyone well.
     As for me, the first month in the seminary has been filled with ups and downs. torn between what my soul wants and what i want for myself. I have fallen in love with the academics here once again. Last year i wanted to leave because it wasnt challenging enough and this year, it is pretty tough. We're learning a lot more ancient philosophy and since i'm in between my sophomore and junior year, i am also taking classes like philosophical anthropology and modern philosophy. and since i've already taken medieval philosophy, everything is coming together very nicely.
     My own spirituality has been a challenge but i think I've got it under control now. When i was in NYC, i only went to church once a week and so i had to fight myself to get back into the daily routine. I've NEVER been a daily mass type of guy but if this is what i want, then i need.. i WANT to fall into a deeper love with God and so, i have to put in the effort. its like love with a person i guess. The couple never really wants to part for too long. then it grows into something deeper and more intimate.
     My parents came to visit me this past weekend and i really enjoyed their company. I was sad to see them leave but i know where i need to be and i've accepted this distance from everyone and well, it sort of keeps me going. I cant waste this time here because i feel as if it would be all for nothing if i let this opportunity slip by. Having my parents here really made me miss everyone back at home and every one of you who receive this email. Even though we may not speak, know that you are thought of and missed.

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