Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Balanced life

                After working my schedule a bit more, I was able to get out of Principles of Science. Principles of Science is a prerequisite of Human Biology. so because I already have Human Biology and Human Anatomy and Physiology I did not need to take it. I need 6 units of science for my first year of college and I already have 8 so two of those units actually went towards my elective units. I also dropped Spanish 1 because I was advised not to take it since I am a Spanish speaking student. There was no other Spanish class that would have worked out for me so I decided to take Elementary Latin. Pray for me. it turns out that I came into my first year here with 21 units so I am actually close to a year ahead of schedule. I am working extra hard this year by taking some college 2 and 3 courses in hopes that I might be able to finish one year early. I am really learning over and over that there needs to be a balance for work, or in my case studies, and prayer. The Four Pillars of Formation that we are being molded into are Spiritual, Intellectual, Human and Pastoral. In other words, we have to be well balanced spiritually, intellectually, pastorally and personally. Every pillar is separate yet they are all just as important and complementary to one another. It is very easy to neglect prayer time because there is so much other stuff going on that personal prayer time can sort of fall through the cracks. In my case, I told myself that I was going to pray the Rosary at least on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays but I have only prayed it on Monday, which was not one of the days that I planned to pray it. I am hit and miss with my Angelus prayer. I really only pray it when I remember which is probably 2 or 3 out of the 4 times that is supposed to be prayed daily. I am keeping up with my homework and studies and I can say that my exercise is going well and communal life is going well also. Pastorally, I do try to help everyone as much as I can. So it is safe to say that the main thing that I need work on is my spiritual routine. I do attend every required spiritual event such as mass, morning and evening prayer, so I need to work on my alone time with Jesus. I feel that I will be okay because I have realized where I am struggling and I can now fix the problem. I hope every single one of you has a great weekend and don’t ever forget that I love you all. Its our mission and duty in life to love so let’s do it whole heartedly and without reserve.

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