Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Orientation Wrap-Up

                “Its Friday night and the feel is right, the party’s down on the Westside (Montel Jordan)”. haha great song. Well there is much to say about the rest of this Orientation. The bulk of it was pretty much over Thursday afternoon and we really only had one or two boring, yet helpful meetings. I got my class schedule and I must say if I can handle this load, then I should be alright. I have a total of 7 classes (14 units) and that’s not counting on the extracurricular praying time, Mass time, sports, and some other stuff I want to do while I’m here. I figure that I’m decent with audio/visual components and websites and I’m also a decent leader (so I hope). So I want to join the A/V team, maybe do some paid work with the website, and also be a part of the student council. We’ll see how everything works out. Studies/prayer first. If I have time, then I will consider the other things but I need to be smart about my decisions and only take what I can handle. I don’t want to burn out my first year. Today, before we went on a trip to Silver Creek Falls, a Seminarian brother of mine that’s from Orange County was horsing around and fell off the rear bumper of a car while it was in motion, and rolled down the hill. He was air lifted to Portland Hospital for some necessary head trauma C.T. scans. It turns out that he is okay. He had a little bit of blood in his brain but nothing that wouldn’t go away. He was also very responsive and even reminded us to take his clothes out of the dryer so we can use the machines, which is a really good sign of his well being and character. So he’s going to spend the next night or two in the hospital. He was lucky that he had minor cuts and bruises because he could have been hurt really bad. I don’t like ending things on a bad/sad note so I will end by telling you all that we found a Mexican food restaurant in Mount Angel and tomorrow after 8am mass, we’re going to go eat some Menudo. I haven’t had it in 4 weeks and I’m craving it. After that we’re going to go shopping at Target. We’re allowed to wear sandals with black socks during classes and I want to buy some that will look good with a shirt and tie. If we have to dress up that much for morning functions and they’re letting us wear sandals (I’m assuming because the Monks wear sandals), I’m going to take advantage of that little comfort.

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