Tuesday, November 16, 2010


                First and foremost, thanks for those who responded to my last email with your suggestions. I’ll be honest, I really stink at responding to your guys’ emails but I do read them. A lot of the time, I am caught up reflecting on what you’re saying and then I forget to respond. But if you’ve emailed me, I will be responding to you this weekend. I am making a concentrated effort to return the love this weekend.
So I am coming to a crossroad. I am noticing that the academic work here is not that hard. The material is pretty simple (except for Latin) and straight forward. I’ve talked to a lot of guys and it’s a mixed field. Some find the academics to be tough and some feel the same way I do. The really hard part is balancing everything together. As you have probably seen with my schedule, we’re pretty busy up here and there’s really not too much time to mess around. You can get behind really quick on homework. I feel that its busy work but never the less, it has to be done. So, the crossroad that I am at is this: I really want to bust my butt and prove to everyone that I can hang academically. I want to get straight “A”s so that I can do my Theology in Rome. Rome and Belgium are two places we send Seminarians to study when they need an extra challenge academically. But on the flip side, its pretty much concentrated on academics and you have to pray on your own and you don’t have a lot of other things to do but academic work. It’s a challenge but I think I want to give it my best shot. We shall see. I’m just gonna take it one semester at a time. Again, if God opens the door for me to get to Rome or Belgium then I’ll take it. If not then at least I put myself in the best position possible knowing that everything will be okay in the end. J

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